Nov 15 2010

Long time no post

After almost two month of silence, I will write a short overview of my experiences since end of September.

At the end of September, I went to Marrakech with my Janitor Hassan, his wife Fatna and their little daughter Hind to visit Fatna’s family. It was an awesome trip with great weather, a lot of traditional food and really much cultural impressions.

We slept in a quite big traditional house in the desert made of adobe. The family was very hospital, they prepared a lot to eat, most of the food was homegrown. The butter and bread, the olive-oil, milk and nearly everything for the Tagines.
Together with Hassan and two brothers of Fatna, we went to a traditional market, a souk, at saturday morning. In the afternoon we where going to Ourika to visit the great waterfalls, but unfortunately our car didn’t made it the whole way and we had to return quite before the waterfalls… In the evening, I was invited to a traditional moroccan wedding.

Unfortunately I got a very bad diarrhea after this wonderful weekend. It was so bad, that I had to go to a hospital, where they injected me antibiotics and about 1.5 liter liquids. After 5 days, everything got back to normal then.

Mid of October, I visited Dubai and met there with some of my old golleagues from gateProtect for an exhibition. Dubai itself is nothing I would recommend for holidays, it is by far not that exciting as one might think.
Anyway, it was a very intensive experience, mainly work-intensive. Very impressing was that big tower there, the Burj Khalifa.

The last but one week, my dear friends Jule and Peter from Hamburg visited me. We spent two days in and around Marrakech, made it to the waterfalls in Ourika (finally) and then drove to Rabat via Beni Mellal with Hassan. Here, we visited Rabat and Temara and unfortunately I got another bad meal which took me down for more than two days. Because of that, I wasn’t able to take my planned trip to Teheran which I will do later.

Sep 23 2010

Snake charmer

Today in the backstreet behind our company: Snake charmers with a drum and a flute. One of them has blessed us, because we gave him some money…


Sep 23 2010

Still alive

I didn’t had the time to update this blog in the last weeks…

My holidays in Germany where very nice. I took a break from Ramadan and also had some pork and alcoholics…
I spend the first week at my oldest brothers home near Düsseldorf. My nephew had his first day in school and we celebrated the birthday of my second brother. After that, I spend an evening with BBQ and party with my old colleagues of gateProtect in Hamburg. I also had some time to visit my old friends in Bad Doberan.
At Sept. 5th I traveled back to Morocco and arrived tired and with a hangover in my apartment at late Sunday afternoon.

After my holidays I started over with 100% work…

Next weekend, I will go to Marrakech with my concierge and his wife and little daughter. We will sleep at her families home there and they want to show me the region around Marrakech. I will take pictures.

Here are some impressions from my Germany week.

Aug 25 2010


I will start tomorrow morning to Marrakech, from where my plane departs in the late afternoon to Düsseldorf.
In Marrakech should be 42°C tomorrow… It is also very hot again here in Rabat. Right now, 11pm it has still 32°C and there is no wind at all.

Even if it’s feel strange to travel into the cold, rainy north in my summer holidays I’m looking forward to see my family again, the old colleagues in Hamburg and my friends.

Aug 24 2010

New TV, Ramadan, Holidays

Last Thursday I bought a new TV. A 32″ Samsung device for a quite good price. It is just connected to my MediaCenter PC at the moment but I wanna buy a satellite receive next month. There is already an antenna and a cable installed, I just need to adjust the dish to catch Astra or Eutelsat.

I’m still doing Ramadan (just one excuse, a glass of water) and I’m doing quite fine. I’m often invited to the dinner by my concierge and his wife.
Just the tiredness is a big problem. Because of the late and satiable dinner and the warm weather, you can just not sleep at night. Most of the locals solve this issue by taking their holidays in this days and switch their lives to the night.
And, the non smoking is not working for me. I smoke three to four cigarettes every evening after dinner. Anyway, it is a small success that I lowered my consumption to about 1/5.

My holidays start the day after tomorrow. At Thursday, I will fly from Marrakesh to Düsseldorf where I’m picked up by my brother. I will stay about one week at my brothers in Essen and then go to my old hometown Bad Doberan for some days. I think I will pause Ramadan for my holidays and have one or two beers :)

Aug 16 2010

Ramadan 3/4

At Saturday, I slept long and in the afternoon I took my new bike and drove to the beach. The beach is around 5 km away from my apartment. In Harhoura (a part of Temara) is a nice promenade with a beautiful beach. I tested the water (just with my feet, I had no towel with me). The water has definitely more than 20°C.

In the evening, I got again delicious soup and self made bread from my maid.

At Sunday, I first went to the Acima (a supermarket) with a taxi. I bought dates, olives, fruits and other stuff. At the early evening, I drove trough the city again and got a proper haircut at a local coiffure. In the evening, I couldn’t resists and smoked one cigarette, but it tasted horrible. I thik this is a good sign…

Aug 13 2010

Ramadan 2

The sun is already up, when I got awake. Shit, 8:45am, I have to hurry. A quick shower. I need to drink a glass of water, because I have to take some medicament.
It’s lightly cloudy outside, more chilled than yesterday.

Around noon, I’m sitting at a customer, it’s acclimatised here. The city is totally crowded, its early afternoon, everybody wants to go home.
I have a nap at the afternoon and in the evening, I get soup again from Fatna. Until the early morning, some young guys sitting at the side-walk in front of my house and have a picknick under one of the street-lights.
I go to sleep at around 3:00 am. Somebody plays a drum behind my house and I hear some flute far away…

Aug 12 2010

Ramadan 1

My alarm wakes me up at 3:30am. I get up. At night, I leave all windows and doors open in my apartment, but it doesn’t make any difference, the air is quite hot and I’m sweaty.
I sit down in my living room. I’m very sleepy, but I need to eat and drink something. Some cookies and water. More water, even if I’m not thursty.
Then I see something moving at my wall. I get my glasses and my camera and I see that I have a small lizard in my apartment.
I smoke my last cigarette. Damn, not even a Marlboro.
I go back to bed and sleep while the Muaddin sings for the morning prayer… “Alla u’akbah! Allah u’akbah!”

Lurchi Lizard

8:00am, the alarm wakes me up again. The sun is completely up. I need to take a pee. After shower, I attach one of the nicotine patches to my arm. I would really like to smoke a cigarette…

There are nearly no people out at the street. The restaurants and cafés near the company are all closed. I’m sweating again, the path doesn’t hold to my arm. Damn.
While I arrive at the company, I feel alittle bit high… seems to come from the nicotine patch. I miss my morning-coffee.

Around noon. The temperature is at 32°C. Fortunately not that hot. I attached the patch to my shoulder now, it seems to stay there. I really would like to have a cigarette, but it is supportable.

3:40pm, in 5 minutes is work over. I will go home and take a nap. At 7:23pm is Al-Maghrib, then I can finally drink soething. The worst is the thirst.

After work, I stop at the big bakery next to the company which was a restaurant until yesterday. Now, all tables are full of cake, cookies and other sweet stuff.

I need a moment to wake up from the knocks on my door. There is my maid Fatna and her little daughter Hind, they bring me a plate with food. For the Iftur, she explains. Is it already time? Yes, 7:20pm.

I got delicious chicken soup, selfmade bread, dates and salad. The food is very good and after about 20 minutes, I’m totally satisfied. To thank them, I bring some of my cakes downstairs. If I want tea? Yes. And again, I got a lot of food served. Fatnas children play in the living room, some neighbours come over to say hello. Hassan, Fatnas husband and my janitor goes to the mosque. I stay and finish my tea. Now, I feel that I definitely ate too much.

Aug 11 2010


There’s every likelihood that Ramadan will start tomorrow, the final decision will be made in the evening regarding to the moon, but most people here say that the month of Ramadan starts tomorrow.

Assobh, the dawn occurs at 4:07am tomorrow, after that time there is no more eating, drinking or smoking until Al-Maghrib, the dusk at 7:23pm.

I will program my alarm clock to 3:30am, get up, drink a lot and go on sleeping until the morning to go to work.

Aug 10 2010

Café Heidi

Lieben Gruss Mama!

Best regards, mama!

Cafè Heidi